What does this update include?

We’re continuing with improvements to our Administration Area!

Here’s a bit more detail:

1. New training setup system.

Improvements in training settings have been made to make it a faster and more intuitive process.

New classification for the training states.

  • Draft: New!
    When no dates have been set yet or when there are dates but the training is saved as a draft.
    This will be fully explained in the following section.
  • Published: We used to call this “Programmed”.
    When a training has its dates set and has been published, but hasn’t started yet.
    In this mode you can modify start and end dates.
  • In progress: Is for activated trainings where users have started participating.
    In this mode you can only modify end dates.
  • Completed: When the training has finished.

Save as a draft.

Until now, “draft” mode was only possible if the whole training setup process hadn’t yet been completed.

This option to save your work is now available as a last step setting, in the “Save draft” button.

You can choose to include dates or not when saving it this way.

This allows you to set up the whole training including notifications before publishing it.

The “Save draft” button will be available right up until the training is published.

In order to publish the training, you need to include start and end dates, otherwise, the “publish” button will be blocked.

You can also delete the dates of a published training that hasn’t started yet, but you will only be able to save it as a draft.

When publishing any training that was set as a draft with notifications for a specific day, a reminder pop-up window will appear so you can check that notification dates match those of the training.

2. Change in the list of reported questions.

Reported questions are now going to show the date they are reported instead of the date the original question was created.

Meaning that lists can be sorted by reporting date with the most recent reported questions appearing first.

3. New welcome email.

We’ve given it a facelift!

It has been simplified and adapted to our new branding illustration style.

Thank you as always for reading our update!

We hope these new functionalities help you and improve your Zapiens experience.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you have any suggestions, or help you with any queries you might have.

You can contact support@zapiens.org