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  • Carlos Prieto balonmano
    A fabulous opportunity for clubs to create their own identity. Zapiens offers training, experiences, and knowledge in the form of a game, simplifying and facilitating identity transmission.
    Carlos Prieto
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  • Jaime de la Rica
    Zapiens has given us a fresh and innovative tool to communicate with our employees and our customers, based on a mobility strategy that is a clear social and professional trend.
  • Enrique Cuenca
    Zapiens has helped us communicate our launches.
  • loreal
  • volkswagen
  • iberostar
  • nespresso
  • siemens
  • DB Deutsche Bahn Mindbox Zapiens Blunder
  • rtve impulsa vision zapiens
  • telefonica
  • correos
  • unilever
  • audi

Geographically Dispersed Teams

Is your team scattered across the globe?

No matter the size of your company, if you have teams or people in different regions, cities, delegations, or stores, Zapiens fits. It connects what your people know, no matter the distance between them.

Why answer the same questions over and over again? Respond once and let Zapiens answer next time!

Products and Services

Regardless of the number of features your products or services may have, Zap will make sure that everyone on your team has access to the right information any time and anywhere.