Evolving is inevitable and necessary.

It helps us define ourselves after the experiences we’ve been through, and it is a clear symptom of maturity and change.

We have always embraced change, because it is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and to move forward. That’s why we are so happy and excited to present you with the new version of our App.

What will you find in the new App?

This update introduces new features and usage improvements: new menu located at the bottom of the screen, renewed trainings, integration of videos, checking the message history, access to notifications of achievements, etc…

New horizontal lower menu in the App.

Pantalla de inicio.

This new menu is more accessible and intuitive.

Zap -now found in the center of this menu- will continue helping and answering all your questions.

In this menu, you’ll be able to easily access the different sections -already known- and a new News tab so that your employees can check out the message history and receive notifications on their achievements.

Pantalla de novedades.


In the Home area you’ll find three types of trainings:
completed, in progress and published.

By clicking on the card of each of them, a drop-down appears, and you will access all the detailed information: number of participants, number of questions, training description…

Pantalla entrenamientos con tarjeta desplegada.

Completed trainings, will be available on the Home screen for 24 hours.

Once you finish each training, you’ll have access to the final ranking and a report with all the results.

We’ve also included a section for a training evaluation.

Trainings in progress have a new progress bar in the description card that shows the number of completed questions in that training.

Another change we have included in the training configuration is the possibility of attaching videos on the description screen of each training, apart from the images that were already used in previous versions.

Vídeo en portada de entrenamientos.

Access to daily summaries of the latest trainings.

By completing the daily questions of each training, with this new update, you’ll see a real-time report of your progress and access the overall ranking.

Pantalla informes diarios.
And here finishes today’s post, where we’ve presented the new improvements in the renewed Zapiens App.

Today we celebrate this new stage, and we want to share it with you.

Thank you for trusting us.

If you have any problem, doubt, or suggestion, our team will be available to help you in everything you need.

You can contact us at soporte@zapiens.org

Welcome aboard!