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1What is Zapiens?
Zapiens is a knowledge management system that uses artificial intelligence, focused on connecting the knowledge inside companies.
2What service does Zapiens provide?
Zapiens serves to respond to employees' questions. It also serves as a training/educational tool for the management of intra-company knowledge.
3Who is Zap?
Zap is an artificially intelligent assistant! It is a sweet robot that learns about your company, growing its knowledge base in order to be able to answer all questions. Apple has Siri, we have Zap. (And between us, Zap is much better looking than Siri)

How to download and install Zapiens?

1Where can I find the app?
Our app can be found in both apple store and google play and enjoy it on both Android and iOS
2How do I download the app?
From the apple store or google play store give it to download and install. It will be installed on your device.
3How do I register myself on the app?
If you do not have company code and you are not logged by your company. With your name email and password you can register on the register button within the app.
4What is a company code and where do I get one?
A code generated by the administrator of the app in your company that will facilitate it for you to access the app. To get it you have to facilitate your company.

How the app is used

1What is a training?
A set of questions and answers that will help you learn and improve on your company and general knowledge.
2What trainings exist and what do they do?
The rankings are divided into assistance, knowledge, question and validate. They can go by group or individual. They serve to recognize experts on the issues and know what position you are in all areas of your organization.
3How do I win medals?
The more you participate and play with the app, you will get more medals and advance within the rankings.
4How do I ask a question?
Asking our assistant with Artificial Intelligence, Zap.
5How do I respond to questions?
Zap will answer you if you know it and if not, the expert indicated for your question will answer you. So you and Zap can learn it.