Our Startup Journey....

How it all began, our growth, and where we're headed...


Our recognition

Winners Emprendedor XXI

We won the prize XXI Entrepreneur from La Caixa in Asturias.

Finalists 2018

We were one of 6 international finalists in 4YFN Mobile World Congress

Best EdTech Startup

We won Best EdTech Startup in Spain in the Startup Europe Awards.

B2B Winners

We won Best B2B Startup at South Summit

Talent Summit Winners

We won Best Talent Startup at Talent Summit

Sacyr Prize for Innovation

We won Best Startup from Sacyr Startups for Innovation

Winner Driving Vision RTVE

We won the Driving Vision RTVE competition.

Best Startup

We won the prestigious international event Pirate Summit in Germany as Best Startup.

Winners of DB Future of Maintenance

We won the international Deutsche Bahn gathering "The future of maintenance”

Winners BBooster Week

We won Best Investment at BBooster Week

Best Startup Industry 4.0

We won Best Startup at Industry 4.0 in the regional stage; finalists in the national stage.

Best Startup of the Year

We won the Impulsa Best Startup of the 2018.

Winners Cita Emprende

We won Best Startup from Cita Emprende.

Our Evolution

From BizQuiz to Blunder to Zapiens

  • 01.10.2014BizQuiz

    After many years working as a consultancy, we realized that companies that we worked with shared a need for knowledge management and improved internal knowledge flow. We worked with our clients to create the first iteration of our service: BizQuiz, a system of questions and answers in the form of stacks of "post-it's".

  • 01.04.2015Blunder

    After some months of concept trials, market studies, market validation, and product improvement, we released the next iteration, Blunder, a system for learning from mistakes and the basis for Zapiens. We got our first clients and got feedback and many ideas for further improvement.

  • 10.08.2017Zapiens

    In August of 2017, Blunder turned into Zapiens. The system of learning from mistakes became just one of the many knowledge management tools with artificial intelligence that Zapiens now offers. The growth of the product, our customer base, and internationalization brought us to the brand change.

The Beginnings

When Blunder was founded in 2015, we had 4 people, a lot of excitement, ideas, and a tiny little workspace inside the Freehouse which we called "the hiding place". Little by little we grew, adding clients and expanding our team.

Our first big growth

After a few months, we began to take up more space in the Freehouse. Our family soon grew past a dozen. We had faithful clients, big firms that trusted us, and we began to win all the startup competitions that we entered.

Strengthening and Expansion

Now we occupy the whole Freehouse in Oviedo, have an office in Gijón and have workers in Madrid, Barcelona and París.

We have thirty people pushing Zapiens forward, the best team we could have hoped for. We are in a stage of reinforcing the company and soon we will start our second expansion period.