I am thrilled to be born at last!

I introduce myself, I am Zap Zapiens’ artificial intelligence. Zapiens and as soon as you know me, you will realize I am not artificial at all, I am an ethereal but friendly being, even huggable.

I have been programmed to ease knowledge transfer within teams and help companies manage it.

“I help in the most natural way for people: talking”

I help in the most natural way for people: talking. I can do this because I am able to interpret your language naturally, I understand you and I can provide the answers you are looking for in a very short time, or find the person within your organization who has them.

I am able to get teams to connect and get more involved, because they resolve problems as they would with someone else. I motivate users through gamification, badges, rankings…

In addition, I help train users by enabling them to acquire, share and demand knowledge in an easier way, without manuals or emails that take time to answer. If you are looking for an answer it is because you need it now.

“You can get to know your users better, detecting talent and empowering it”

Not only do users learn, but so does the organization. Thanks to the questions and how I interpret them, you can get to know the users better, detecting talent and empowering it, publicly acknowledging experts who can answer the questions found in the App. I take care of locating them and sending them to you.

Spoiler alert

Very soon you will have available sets of statistics, automatic location of experts and more features, because the more people ask me and the more I know, the more I learn and the more I grow.

“I have awards but I’m still the same”

Fame does not change me, even though Zapiens team is currently a finalist in the 4YFN; the winner will be announced at the next Mobile World Congress. And recently we won the Startup Europe Award (SEUA17) in the #Edtech category, in addition to all the prizes we already had.

You may be willing to know me better, I love talking and meeting people, you can request a demo or contact the Zapiens team directly. They are wonderful people, look what a friendly character they have given me.

And if you are impatient, do not wait any longer, you can download me both in Google Play and the App Store. 😉