Evaluating training effectiveness and identifying knowledge gaps.

Industry: Automotive
Region: Spain

As a modern premium car manufacturer, Hyundai considers training and competence development a high priority.

Up-to-date knowledge and information are of vital importance, particularly for a company that is surrounded by a fast-changing environment..


Hyundai is the only car manufacturer offering all three available clean engine technologies (hybrid; electric and hydrogen), and plays a pivotal role in global society’s transition to clean energy.


With 83 outlets in Spain, Hyundai offers continuous training so that every employee and partner are able to answer people’s questions about eco-technology innovation.

For Hyundai, the future eco mobility starts by offering diverse technology based on several people’s needs.

Serving customer’s needs efficiently is also the best way to achieve the greatest business impact.

In this context, they sought for an innovative technology partner who could not only evaluate and control people’s learning, but also critically examine knowledge to identify “blind spots”.


Focused information is sent to all sales teams in the form of micro-trainings.

People can also retrieve information in the form of answers to questions, at their request.

Sales representatives can enrich the company’s culture with feedback and new questions from customers.

Learning and knowledge analytics allow to identify the most challenging topics.


Today, Zapiens is a key part of training and the knowledge system, ensuring that information is easily delivered and retrieved to every outlet and sales team.

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