Joint learning and leadership.

Industry: Retail
Region: Spain

Knowledge sharing was part of Ingvar Kamprad’s, the founder of IKEA, mission to be cost-efficient as part of the company’s concept.

“As an IKEA co-worker you are willing to share your knowledge and experience with all IKEA co-workers”.


For the world’s largest furniture retailer and one of the most innovative companies, corporate knowledge is essential.

It is shared through training by experienced people plus open communication and an efficient information infrastructure enabling access to databases and documents.

As a retailer, IKEA understands the value of their human capital as one of their competitive advantages, and applies the formulae:

Human capital = competence x motivation


With the aim of combining both factors, IKEA sought for an innovative partner to boost the active exchange of knowledge beyond the boundaries of departments, and motivate co-workers to continually expand their capacity to create new solutions for customers and daily challenges.


With Zapiens, raining and competence development are a high priority.

Individual and collective learning processes are based on demand and joint learning happens in teams close to work situations.

In this way, co-workers learn new skills but also pass on their knowledge to team colleagues and save their information continuously in the “shared brain” of the organization, where people can retrieve it, in the form of answers to questions.


As a result, value is created when the right knowledge is applied at the right moment to solve a specific problem or to exploit a new opportunity, directly lead by any co-worker in the company.

If they have any question, Zapiens’ technology will be there to find the best answer, no need to “reinvent the wheel”.

Discover how it works.