Solve your teams’ doubts with the internal knowledge of your organization

Most of your organization’s internal knowledge lies within the people in your team.

With Zap, you make that wisdom available to your entire workforce and improve your company’s results.

Are you leveraging the knowledge of your teams?

Every person in your team is an expert in their own field and knows a lot of things that could be used to improve your company’s results.

But if this person doesn’t share this information, your company is missing out on a thousand opportunities to improve innovation and productivity.

Through collaborative intelligence, each member of your workforce contributes their knowledge to the common wisdom of your organization. This way, you can all work together to grow your business.

And Zap is the tool that allows you to make that knowledge available to everyone.

What is Zap and how does it work?

Zap is our knowledge connector. And it loves questions.

Thanks to them, it puts the knowledge of all your teams within reach of your company’s employees and solves all your staff’s doubts.

All the wisdom of your organization in one place, ready to be consulted whenever a question arises.

When someone asks it a question, Zap searches your organization’s internal database and if it finds the answer, it returns it to the person who asked. Easy, isn’t it?

But… what if someone asks a question Zap doesn’t know the answer to?

Well, here’s a secret, Zap has a superpower: it can say I don’t know.

When it doesn’t know the answer to a question, it is able to identify the person in your organization who can solve it and asks them.

As a result, it answers the question, learns it and stores that information in its database for the next time someone needs it.

Save your workers time searching for answers.

Avoid interruptions as your employees won’t have to answer the same questions again and again.

Leave information just a click away for when your teams need it.

What questions does your staff need to resolve?

Your teams will always have questions, and many of them will be recurring.

Zap has the answers to those questions always at hand so your staff can resolve them in a jiffy.

And every one of them will help improve productivity, performance and coordination between departments.

Increase your team’s performance by solving technical questions about their specialty.

Accelerate the integration of new members of your staff by solving the typical recurring doubts of the onboarding process.

Streamline the operation of your organization by eliminating doubts about your company’s internal processes.

Meet Zap!

Access our tool for free and up to 20 users or request a customized DEMO, tailored to your company’s training needs.