New update in Zapiens! These are the new features found in the App and in the Administration Area (Back):

What’s new in the App.

Zap will not answer questions that are in an active training.

With this new update, Zap will be more careful when answering questions, as it will hide the answer of the questions that are in an active training and that are scheduled to be trained by it that day.

Zap is now more demanding.

Zap is also learning how to say “I don’t know” when there is a question it doesn’t know the answer to. This way, it sends the question to the experts in that category. In addition, it will also be more demanding when asking you to ask specific questions and thus be able to give more exact answers.

Improvements in self-categorization.

With regard to the self-categorization of questions, improvements have been made to try to automatically identify which categories the questions you create may belong to.


What’s new in the Administration Area (Back).

We have a new image!

This month we have changed our look and we now have a new image! A new look with a clearer design that eases the use of the AA.

Set the delivery date of the Welcome email.

Another new feature in the AA is that you can decide what day and time you want users to receive the Welcome email when importing new users from an Excel.

Improvements in the categories.

We have also incorporated some improvements in the categories: on the one hand, you can now import your category tree directly from an Excel; and on the other hand, when creating a new category, you can indicate if it is similar to one of the predefined categories displayed by default, so it will be easier for Zap to find the experts to whom to send the questions that are in that category.