Improve your trainings with learning metrics

What can’t be measured can’t be improved.

With learning metrics, you will be able to know how your training strategy is working and what you can do to improve it.

Are your trainings working?

Is your workforce learning?

A glance at the knowledge metrics will tell you:

Which are the most successful topics.
This way you will see if your training strategy is working and at what point your teams are sufficiently trained.

Which people stand out in each category.
Talent sometimes goes unnoticed in a company; spot it and make the most of it in yours.

What are the areas in which you are failing the most and where your company needs more support.

What are the learning habits of your teams?

With the activity metrics you will always be up to date with the progress of your staff and their level of participation in your trainings.

This will enable you to detect possible problems of lack of time and you will know the degree of involvement of your teams.

Is there movement in your trainings?

By looking at the metrics dashboard you will see how many people start and finish your trainings.

You’ll know if your trainings are engaging or if they still need to be improved by giving them a twist.

Do you want to know the best time to launch your trainings?

Just take another look at the dashboard and you will know which days and times your staff learns, this way, trainings will always be launched at the right time.

Are your staff’s doubts being resolved?

You know how your team is doing with their training, but what about the questions that arise during their day-to-day work?

Giving them answers is vital to improve their performance. And that’s where Zap, our bot, comes into play, ready to solve them in a second and get the knowledge flowing in your company.

How many questions have your teams asked it, on what topics?

A curious workforce is a good sign; people who are active and engaged in learning (and that’s very good for you).

Look at your metrics dashboard to see how engaged your teams are in learning and what areas of knowledge you need to reinforce within your organization.

Measure your training!

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