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This legal notice regulates the general access and usage conditions of the website accessible through the URL, which ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL makes available for users of the internet.

The use of the website implies the full acceptance, without reservations, of all and each of the arrangements included in this Legal Notice. Consequently, the user of the website should attentively read this Legal Notice upon each use of the website, since the text might undergo modifications at the discretion of its owner, or because of a legislative, jurisprudential, or business practice change.


Registered office: 2 ESTRELLA, FLOOR 3, ENTRANCE D
City: Gijón
Province: Asturias
Postal Code: 33212
T.I.N.: B52528601
Telephone number: +34 984 84 08 64
Registration Information: Registered in the Registro Mercantil de Asturias in Volume 4, 129, page AS-48,027, 106..


The website provides users access to the information and services provided by ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL.


3.1. Free access and usage of the website.

The access of the website is free for its users.

3.2. User Registration.

Generally the access and usage of the website does not require presubscription or registration of its users.


The language used by the owner of the website will be Castilian or English. ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL is neither responsible for the user not understanding the website language nor the consequences of the misunderstanding.

ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL can modify its content without prior notice, as well as change the way it is accessed, freely and without justification, and does not take responsibility for the consequences this might cause the users.

It is prohibited to use the website contents to promote, contract, or spread personal or third party information without the authorization of ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL, regardless of whether the usage is free.

The links or hyperlinks that incorporate external sources in webpages directed to this website are for the opening of the entire website, not being able to express, directly or not, false, inaccurate, or confusing directions, nor for incurring unfair or illicit actions against ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL.


Accessing the website and using its information without consent is the sole responsibility of the person who does it. ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL will not respond for any consequence, harm, or damages caused by access or use of the website. ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL is not responsable for security errors that might be produced or damages caused by the user’s computer system (hardware and software) or its stored files or documents as a result of:

— the presence of a virus on the user’s computer that is being used to connect to the web services and content,
— poor search engine functioning,
— and/or the use of non-updated software.

ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL is not responsable for the reliability and speed of the hyperlinks that are on the website.

ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL does not guarantee the functioning/usefulness of these links and the sites they access and is not held responsable for the content or services that can be accessed by the user through these links.

ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL will not be responsible for viruses or other computer programs that harm users’ computer systems or equipment which are contracted when accessing this website or others through this website.


The website does not use cookies nor any other invisible information collection process when the user navigates through the page, always respecting their confidentiality and privacy.

*IF COOKIES ARE USED, CONSULT INFORMATION ON THE USE OF COOKIES. The website uses cookies, our Cookie Policy can be consulted; we respect at all times the confidentiality and privacy of the user.


Propert of ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL, all of the intellectual and industrial property rights of the website, as well as its content. Any use of the website or its content must be exclusively private. This is exclusively reserved for ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL, any other use that assumes copy, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication, or any other similar action, of parts or all of the website content must be previously authorized in writing by ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL.


In accordance with the provisions of the current regulations in Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your data will be added to the treatment file owned by ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL, with T.I.N. no. B52528601.

This support, content, and design are owned by ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL, with T.I.N. no. B52528601 and with legal residence at 2 ESTRELLA, FLOOR 3, ENTRANCE D, 33212, Gijón. Registered in the Registro Mercantil de Asturias in Volume 4,129, page AS-48.027, folio 106, book 89, section 2040.

The purpose of the data collection is:

  1. To send e-mails or other notifications.
  2. To analyse data to determine behavioural patterns, understand categories, and to take proactive actions.
  3. To generate reports.
  4. To improve the product’s functionality and flows.

The data you provide will be retained strictly for the amount of time necessary to complete the aforementioned tasks. Furthermore, the said data will be stored and protected in UE servers that follow current legal regulations.

If the required data are not entered, the request for this form cannot be guaranteed.

If you are accessing through your company, the collected data will be transferred through ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL to the client company on occasion of the fulfillment of the contractual relationship agreed upon for this service. This assumes that the data can be consulted and accessed by the client company to carry out the treatment work it considers appropriate.

ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL has put in place the currently legally required levels of security for personal data protection.

Rights of access, rectification, limitation, examination, and deletion of data can be exercised by sending an email to, or by going to 2 ESTRELLA, FLOOR 3, ENTRANCE D, 33212, Gijón. Or, go to the proper Control Authority to present the appropriate case or claim.


This Legal Notice shall be interpreted and governed in accordance with Spanish Law. ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL and the users, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, are subject to the judges and courts of the user’s legal residence for any disagreement that might derive from access or use of the website. In the case of the user living outside of Spain, ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL and the user are subject to, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, to the judges and courts of the legal residence of ZAPIENS TECHNOLOGIES SL.