A community of knowledge for “Beauty Advisors”.

Industry: Cosmetics / Beauty
Region: Spain

At L’Oréal, learning is a permanent process.

Training and competence development are a high priority.

Individual and collective learning processes are demand based, and joint learning takes place in teams with similar work situations.


As a knowledge-based company, L’Oréal ensures that professionals pass on their knowledge to teams who then will store it in the company’s information systems.


In this context, they needed new forms of knowledge management technology and a different training mechanism, which combined information search and agility in order to achieve ubiquitous and curated learning flows.


With Microsoft TEAMS and Zapiens, L’Oréal built a knowledge community for their “Beauty Advisors”, and their teams created a memorable shopping experience for their clients.

Users can access structured formal knowledge in terms of documents, and live or recorded webinars at any time.

They also receive selected trainings tailored for them.

Last but not least, people can also retrieve information or knowledge, in the form of answers to questions, at their request.

Consequently, relevant knowledge is made available and, with users’ feedback, enriched.


With TEAMS and Zapiens, L’Oréal has a platform for stakeholders’ engagement and knowledge management beyond the organizational boundaries.

Additionally, the learning and development team can:

Monitor and control all learning processes.

Critically examine the organization’s knowledge and competencies to identify “blind spots”.

Achieve transparency about “who knows what”.

Discover how it works.