Hi! It’s clear we’re not enjoying a relaxed July month in the beach. Instead, we have been working on a couple of new features that will cheer up your summer holidays even more.

Editing questions is now easier

You can now edit the questions directly in the questions list. This is one of the big changes done to the Administration Area. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

  • In the Reports area you can edit the question and view the report.
  • In the other sections you can edit the questions in the list itself.

Don’t forget that, if you miss any of the older options, you can find them in Advanced Options.

And next week…

The look of the main actions that Zap offers will change. This way we make it easier for all users to see them.

Besides all this, we continue working on some changes that are not visible to the naked eye. We are constantly improving the way Zap offers answers, listens to your questions and learns.

And this is just the beginning, you’ll soon discover that the next few months are full of news.