What is Zapiens? What is it that you do? For a long time I’ve been answering these questions in a very technical way; I’ve been trying hard to find simple words to describe my job and what the company does. Everything would’ve been much easier if I simply explained how I felt and what it meant to me to wake up everyday with the energy bar fully charged and with a great enthusiasm of doing something different.

A little history

First of all, here goes one of those sentences we use to describe ourselves:

Collective intelligence system that manages your tribe’s knowledge and helps it evolve by answering every question that arises.

Summarizing, we are a family, and we are not afraid to ask, to make mistakes or to evolve. Every single day I spent in Zapiens I made mistakes, I asked and I evolved in the professional sphere, but above all, at a personal level.

From the first day I became part of the Zapiens tribe, I realized I was contributing to something special, to something willing to change things. All this can be summed up in an app that makes people better, that makes their work easier, thinking about the most important value companies have: their workers.

To finish with, a concept that has been incredibly important to me:

Cultural transformation

Someone like me, that has worked in the construction industry for 12 years, a few months in a call-center, as a kitchen assistant and selling ice cream, has suddenly the opportunity to be part of a startup that is constantly succeeding. They trusted me, fresh from a certificate of professionalism, and put to work the most important value this company has, talent development.

This is not a goodbye

I don’t believe anyone can leave Zapiens completely, but we sometimes need to make difficult decisions, and for me, this has been one of them. I leave aside (and not behind), many days of debating or trying to understand how things worked, of not stopping learning, of fear, of frustration, of joy, of friendship, of lots of work… I’ll be eternally grateful to all the people I have met at Zapiens, to those who have trusted me in every moment, the good ones and the bad ones. Now I have new adventures, new learning and new horizons, but I know that I have a family, a tribe that I will never stop being part of. It’s been a real pleasure to work at Zapiens, our paths will cross again, I’ll pick up my guitar and, as always, we’ll sing together.

Thank you, for helping me grow as a professional but above all as an individual. For listening and for trusting the most important value of companies: people.