The latest news in Zapiens!

These are the latest news for Zapiens’ Backoffice and App.

1. Priority for help, see answers and report buttons.

Now in the bot the buttons related with help actions, giving information to users and temporary notifications will show at the very beginning resulting the following order: Help - See answers - See reports - Ask - Memorize - and Review if People Analytics feature is activated.

2. Rewards for those who had helped the most.

Now when users help to their workmates the bot will show the unblocked achievements for doing so with the idea of rewarding and encouraging them to keep doing it.

3. Delete categories without experts.

Another small improvement is that the categories without experts will no longer be shown at the categories display.

4. Remember a question.

Sometimes when we are training with Zapiens, there are questions we answer correctly by chance but, they can be interesting for us and we would like them to be asked again to learn them. Now, every time we resolve a question, we can decide through the “Remember” button if we want it again in our Memorize section.

5. Experts Onboarding.

With this update, we have incorporated some new App features. Now, when a new user logs in for the very first time Zap will ask him or her in which categories he or she could potentially help the most to his or her workmates and what would be his or her score in every one of them. This might help the new user to know the categories and the kind of questions he or she can propose.

6. Questions’ reporting process.

When, from the Backoffice, we go to the reported question list now we can see the number of incidents, that is, the number of times that question has been reported. If we click on the question we can see who reported the question and when. From here we can discard reports individually and the user, author of the report, will get a notice on the App to let him or her know that the report has been dismissed. If we consider the report as useful, we will be able to edit and modify the question. When saving the changes a new window will display giving us the option to write the user who made the report to explain that we have made the appropriate changes. It is important to explain the changes made for the user to understand the process. Besides, if we export the reported question list to an excel, the categories will be displayed too just like the segments of the last user who reported the question -in case there would be more than one-. Once the corrected question has been saved, the user will get a notification on the phone letting them know that the report has been taking in consideration and they could access it through the bot. If they click on the notification they will be able to see all the modifications made and the editor’s message if there would be one.

7. Backoffice is now available in French.

8. New statistics at Backoffice home: number of questions asked to Zap and optimization of loading time.

In the Home page, we will see the number of questions asked to Zap by the users being able to choose a timeframe. In addition, we have improved the performance so that the screen loads much faster every time we want to consult it.

9. Option to check which categories administrate every Theme Administrator.

Within the tab User at the Backoffice, we click on edit for a specific user we can see in which categories are he or she a theme administrator.

10. Dynamic experts.

This is one of the most interesting updates. Up to know, being a category expert meant that you were on the highest ranking position of that specific category. Now with this Dynamic experts feature experts can also help to answer the questions within the categories they are experts at. All this can be seen when we click on the edit button of a category. From here we see two general statistics about the category: the number of questions that Zap has learnt and the sum of administrators and experts that there are in the company in that category. On the other hand, we can also see the administrators, experts and self-appointed experts of the category: · Theme administrators are the users who have been assigned by you, who can answer questions about the category. From here, we can also eliminate this status of the user. · The experts in that category are the users who have enough punctuation to appear in the experts' area of ​​the App. In case of having activated the "Dynamic Experts" functionality, these users will be able to respond. In the case of not having it, from here you can turn them into theme administrators so they can respond. · The self-appointed experts are those users who have rated themselves with the highest score in onboarding. From here we can name them experts so they can answer questions too.

11. Select everything by filtering.

In the Knowledge Radiography of a training, there is a new useful functionality when we have to select several options. We have added the button “select all” to be able to select several training, categories or segments at once. We can also apply the filter and select everything filtered.

12. Segments importation.

On one hand, now we can import segments directly from an excel. Here we will decide if this segment will be multiple, that is if the users will be able to belong to several values of that segment. For example, if a user can belong to several departments. On the other hand, we will decide if it will be public or private. In the case that it is private, the user will not see it in the app - since it will not appear in the ranking - and only the administrator will be able to see it in the Knowledge Radiography of the training.

13. Add “Pills” from Excel.

Now when we upload an Excel with the questions we can also enter from here the text of the information pills and avoid having to do them one by one from the list of questions...