Loading new users and adding them from the Administration area has been improved this month at Zapiens.

If you want to create new users for your organization you can do so manually or with an Excel template.

If you choose to upload the Excel, you can download the Zapiens template to create or update users.

Improvements included:
  • Users who did not exist in Zapiens, but have been included in the new Excel, will be created as users in your organization.
  • Users that were already in your organization, but have different information in the Excel, for example: if they have changed department, they will be updated automatically.
  • Cells that are left blank, will not be updated in Zapiens.

This new update eases the creation and addition of new users from the Administration Area.

During the process, you’ll be able to see the errors detected, the time taken to complete the update, and the final results.

Creating users in Zapiens step by step

In the «Users» menu, you’ll find the import Excel option (cloud with an upward arrow).


In the pop-up window «What do you want to do», download our Excel template and once completed, import your list.


Zapiens gives you 2 options to notify new users: you can do it immediately or choose a specific date to send the notification email.

Click on the «Confirm and Import» button to have the Excel file uploaded automatically.

The remaining time and the number of uploaded users will be displayed on the screen.

Once the upload is complete, all that remains is for you to accept.

Thanks for reading our updates one more month!