Train your teams remotely with personalized microtraining

With, your teams learn the knowledge they need to do their job better and improve your company’s results in an agile and enjoyable way.

Ease learning

Use microlearning and improve the effectiveness of your training.

Boost engagement

Engage your teams with gamified training to increase participation.

Customize your trainings

Create your own training adapted to your company’s needs.

What is microlearning?

With the attention deficit we are suffering nowadays, the days of traditional training are numbered.

The classic course has become boring. People no longer learn by listening to a lecture that doesn’t interest them.

That’s why we are such fans of microlearning: very brief content to capture the attention of your team and make them learn almost without noticing it.

5-minute microtrainings based on questions and answers: one question; 3 possible solutions and one correct answer.

This makes information easier to assimilate and remember.

With one microtraining per day your teams will learn effortlessly and, above all, effectively.

5-minute microtrainings to save time and improve the learning quality.

Your teams choose the best time to train without interrupting their work.

Create a daily habit that fosters a learning culture in your company.

Why do we use gamification?

If we spend all day looking at our mobiles, it’s for a reason.

We love interaction. We love challenges and we love to test ourselves.

Take advantage of it in your trainings!

We use gamification to engage your teams: levels to overcome, rankings to compete (in a healthy mood) with their colleagues… Motivational rewards to reward their progress and increase their participation.

Like getting through stages in a video game, but learning what they need to do their job better. Who didn’t like Mario Bros?

The objective? To make your employees experts in their field and boost their performance.

Make learning easier with a fun and enjoyable experience.

Increase participation by engaging your staff in learning.

Motivate your teams by recognizing their achievements.

What can you use microtraining for?

Very simple: for whatever you want.

Our trainings are fully customizable.

No one knows better than you the training needs of your company: who needs to improve their skills to do their job better and what information they need.

Create training with specific content tailored to the needs of your staff.

 Empower your teams with new knowledge to innovate in your company and improve their performance.

Accelerate the onboarding process of new members of your workforce with training that teaches them everything they need to know to join your company.

Optimize your organization’s performance by sharing the internal processes that enable it to work.

Train your teams!

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