I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of talk about robots, bot, chatbots… But, in case you haven’t, we’ll simply refer to it as “ROBOT”.

In our tribe we have a very simple maxim.

“Speak in Grandmother’s language”

In other words, if our grandmother doesn’t understand anything we explain to her, then we’re doing it wrong, what we say is useless.

I’ll tell you our mission: to train a robot different from others. Keep calm! Our robot will not replace any human, in fact, quite the opposite: its mission is to connect them.

Do you remember the phrase «the important thing isn’t to know, but to have the phone number of the person who knows»? Well, that’s exactly the mission of our robot!

But first, it needs to learn, and that’s why we’re looking for the best teachers-humans. That way, when we ask something and it doesn’t know the answer, at least it’ll know who to ask.

Here’s an example: When you have a question, you usually ask Mr.Google or a friend, right? But… how about we give you a third option?

Ask your company’s robot

Our robot will look for the information in the different data sources it has. If it doesn’t find anything… no worries! It will interpret your question and send it to the corresponding expert. This is the challenge within companies, but now we want to go one step further: to create an open and collaborative network of experts.

We still have a lot to do… So, if you want to join us as a collaborator of the tribe of knowledge, send us a video at isabel@zapiens.org telling us in which areas you could help our robot and we will call you to set an interview.

We need to be thousands in order to help each other!

See you soon!