A learning and knowledge firm.

Industry: Telecommunications
Region: Spain

Vodafone is a learning firm and is way ahead.

A company where training and competence development are a high priority.


In the past, organizations primarily engaged in knowledge management practices with strong emphasis on information processing, creating only formal knowledge in terms of data, codified procedures and principles (documents and databases).

Individual and collective learning processes are demand based, and joint learning takes place in teams with similar work situations.

Employees are no longer “sent” for training. Instead, they actively control their own learning.


At Vodafone, knowledge, learning and innovation are integral parts of the organization’s overall strategy.

In this context, they needed new forms of knowledge management technology that understood and learned how to help people expand their skills and knowledge and, ultimately, increase their productivity.


With Zapiens, selected information is sent systematically and consistently to potential users in the form of micro-trainings created by business units.

This is the “Push Principle”. But, as a knowledge company needs, people can also retrieve information or knowledge, in the form of answers to questions, at their request.

Consequently, relevant knowledge is made available and, with users’ feedback, enriched.


Today, Zapiens is a key part of the information and communication system that ensures that information is easily accessible and retrievable for all employees.

Last but not least, the knowledge management team:

Monitor and control learning.

Critically examine the organization’s knowledge and competencies to identify “blind spots”.

Encourage renewal, agile learning and reflection.

Achieve transparency about “who knows what”.

Discover how it works.