Ask, ask and keep asking.

It seems simple, but this is our greatest challenge: to encourage the “asking” spirit.

When we were little children in school, we learned to prejudge those who asked, thinking it was because they didn’t understand, or didn’t know, or because they were know-it-alls, when it really should be the opposite.

Asking is the fastest way to learn and grow!
A great symptom of curiosity and proactivity.

This fear of asking becomes more pronounced over time. In fact, when we at Zapiens are facing the challenge of generating a cultural transformation in a company, it is usually one of the biggest barriers we have to break down.

According to the data we have collected from more than 100 companies analyzed in the last 2 years, we could say that the percentage of people who ask questions within the corporate world lies between 1% and 20%.

Do you realize about the infinite potential that lies ahead?

Can you imagine a company where everyone asked questions and shared their knowledge without fear of being prejudged?

One where everyone raised their hand?

One where we could uninstall that fixed, prejudging behavior from the past?

We can.

Our mission is to achieve a cultural transformation that allows us to break the information silos so that more knowledge is shared every day.

Therefore, beyond working on this with large companies, this 2020 we have set out to solve the problem from the very beginning, and start working with educational centers.

The reason: the workers of the future are in classrooms today and it is here where we have the capacity to fulfil our mission and generate the impact and cultural transformation that we seek.

That is why this year we launched our Pilot Project «Collaborative Education», to work both aspects with educational institutions and tackle them from the root.

We want to take the existing educational pilots one step further. In these, we were able to predict what percentage of students would pass or fail in the middle of the term, and to observe how they could share knowledge internally to reach the next level:

Getting several schools to collaborate with each other!

We will begin this pilot project with a collaboration with the Ministry of Education of the Principality of Asturias where we will focus on deploying our mobile training solution.

Thus, teachers and students will be able to learn and create their shared knowledge base.

In addition, we will integrate our robot – Zap – with their Microsoft Teams account to generate a shared knowledge repository that is easily accessible, therefore, students and teachers will be even more connected.

What are we looking for with the “Collaborative Education” project?

  • To raise awareness of the importance of the sharing and collaborative culture.
  • To make our technology accessible for students and teachers.
  • To generate a success story that enables us to replicate it in the future.
  • To show that large companies, institutions and startups are capable of agreeing on a common goal.
  • To learn and share what we have learned!

Furthermore, our friend-tribe BeForGet will help and collaborate with us in this project. We also hope to join forces with other large organizations that support this initiative, such as the Ministry of Education of the Principality, Microsoft, Central Lechera or the Vodafone Foundation.

We have started with Asturias because it is our homeland, but we are pretty sure we want to extend it to a national level, and that’s what we are looking forward to.

Education is the cornerstone of culture.

So, if you are a teacher, a student, a father, a mother, or simply curious, you just have to follow the steps below:

  • Send an email to
  • Tell us about your idea and the reason you’re interested in our project.
  • We’ll send you the access data so that you can experiment in your educational center and use our technology.

Are you willing to change the future of education?