Hi again! Summer season arrives and more features are coming to Zapiens. This month we have been working on the Administration Area, adding elements that will improve your user experience:

  • You can now download the “questions without answer” list. In addition to consulting them on the web, now you can also do it from your computer in an Excel.
  • You can edit trainings from the knowledge dashboard. We’ve added a button to access the editing section in a faster and easier way.
  • From the account configuration, in the Registration and Conditions area, you will find a new section. From here you will be able to manage and follow up all the welcome emails sent and, moreover:
    • You will be able to schedule the emails, setting the day and time they’ll be sent.
    • If an email is already scheduled, you can change the date and time or even cancel the sending.
    • If the mail has already been sent, you will see when it was sent and how many users received it.

In the following video you will find a quick guide to these new features. If you want to continue exploring, visit our YouTube channel where you can check our playlist where I explain many more things about the Administration Area and the App.

Furthermore, if you want to know what our CEO, Dani Suárez, is up to in the USA, visit his channel and find out about his career across the pond.

Bye and thanks for being with us for another month!