We are back again with more cool developments to share with you all!  Over the past few weeks we have been super-focused on continuous improvement, on who we are, and what to expect.

Faster, more agile content creation and the option to order questions or not will now be available!

We present a new, improved version of the trainings: a much faster and easier way to create content: in 4 simple steps, configure data, upload users and questions and create notifications to motivate users.

Upload questions either directly from an excel or manually; decide if you want to order them or whether you prefer to leave them in random mode so that they appear in a different order for each user. It is fully configurable and very easy to use: just select the questions you want to move and drag them to the position you want.



From the list of content, you’ll be able to see your training and check the status, which may be:

  • Draft. When creating a training you can save it as a draft instead of publishing it. This will be useful when you want to create a training but still have data or dates pending confirmation.
  • Scheduled. All trainings that have a start and end date will be listed as scheduled. If you delete the dates of a scheduled training, the training will be saved as Draft.
  • In progress. In the trainings that are already underway you will also have the option to edit the end date available.
  • Completed. The trainings that have already been completed cannot be edited, but you can see all the details: general data, users, questions and notifications, as well as the dashboard data. With these new statuses, continuous workouts disappear: you can change the end date of a training as long as it is not over.


New achievements added with new objectives

In addition to all this, we will continue to deliver news via the app! We have worked on the new look and feel of achievements and the scoring system. Now you can unlock levels to obtain new awards. But don’t worry: we will keep all the points won with the old awards and transform them into this new format.


Keep participating and remember that you can also check the awards that others have achieved!