Do you use Artificial Intelligence?

We think of Artificial Intelligence as something out-of-the-ordinary and that is still far, far away from us… But it might be closer that you think!

Google Translate. Google Search. Gmail. Google/Apple maps. Google Drive. Youtube. Spotify. Netflix. Camera face detection, image enhancing, autofocus, closed eyes detection, placing cat ears or a dog’s tongue on your photos… Facebook news feed. People you might know. Online ads. Taxi services. Booking flights. Financial services. Intelligent chat bots. Smart home devices. Cameras with face detection made for security systems. Voice recognition.

They all have AI technology at work. And that’s only naming a few.

Daily life with an Intelligent Assistant

Imagine an average day…

Good morning !

Assistant wakes you up. Morning coffee with the music chosen by assistant itself. Quick news.

New message. Assistant reads a question from your friend. He asks if you will be free today at 6pm to meet to play PS games together with friends.


Assistant writes the answer and places an event in your calendar.

What to take?

In a moment new message appears. “We already bought a lot but I’m in love with your cheesecake so it would be great if you could bake one”.


By asking assistant what we already have gives a full list of things friends have already bought – including my cheesecake too! Great. Useful to not to have to repeat it every time to each person.

My mother has questions about PC usage. Ok, responding.. Done. Saved to our family knowledge base in case someone asks again. One question is not for me, it’s for father. I don’t know much about computer viruses. I must learn about that topic for sure.

I want to learn about computer viruses

Assistant shows some good questions and answers. Skipped those I already know, read some interesting ones, and saved those I want to have quick access to.

Hey, give me related articles

Assistant shows pages about different computer viruses with questions and important words highlighted. Easier to learn when I can just press any word and ask someone to help me with it. Asking questions on any page gives me a direct link to it so that anyone who answers can check the context. All questions and answers related to a certain page can be seen by people.

After reading I met up with friends, took photos, answered a bunch of questions from my university professor, did some homework, cooked, then, before sleep, I asked how to sleep better. Asked assistant to put the best temperature for sleep and to wake me up in the best time. Good night.

Intelligent Assistant

The assistant is an interface. Many people believe the ultimate ai experience would be essentially like a secretary. A good secretary knows what you need before you need it and provides that help. A good secretary gets what you mean when you say something that may not be clear to everyone.

Advantages of intelligent assistant:

  1. No explanation is needed – just say or type what you want
  2. No matter if you use mobile phone, web sites, PC, home devices or a car, you assistant is always near
  3. Personalization and context

Intelligent assistants reduce frustration and increase efficiency.

We are already in the future

This is just one example of how the usage of an assistant and other innovative technologies can improve our lives. Seems like nothing very special but at the same time it can make you feel comfortable. Voice recognition already works quite well so we can use it instead of writing manually and even while doing other things to have free hands. System adapts and checks for things that are already present or asks other people if needed. People’s lives become much easier with an intelligent assistant.