Here are the new arrivals of July! We have listened to all your requests and during this last month, we have worked on a new and more functional design for the lists of questions, so that it will be much faster and easier to work with them.

Save time managing questions

We have unified everything related to questions on a single page. Now in the Questions feed you will find:

  • Reported questions: those that users have reported using the «I do not agree» button from the app.
  • Pending questions: questions asked to Zap that no experts have yet answered or that remain uncategorized.
  • Questions with a single answer: those that the experts have already answered. They are Zap’s knowledge!
  • Complete questions: these are the questions that, in addition to correct answers, also have other response options and can be added to a training.

In addition to this, we have added filters in all the options so that you can sort them faster and add all that data to the Excel document that you can export with the questions.

The Excel that you can download will have the information of the filters that you have applied.

But this is not all! Next month we will improve the listings so that you can edit the questions on the feed.

More knowledge for Zap

On the other hand, the system already allows us to upload an Excel with questions with a single answer. If you want to teach Zap about a topic, or include the FAQs of your company, you can create them in an Exce documentl and upload them directly to Zapiens. We recommend that you do that because Zap will become smarter and the users will be happier!

See you soon with more news, until then!