We started the month of May with a new update of the Zapiens application. For this update, we have worked to make your experience with her go much smoother and cleaned some of those errors that appear occasionally.

First, we present a new playlist on our YouTube channel. In this list, all the videos dedicated to the administration area of Zapiens will be. Some of the videos already included: how to create segments for users, categories of questions and how to create a training. Remember to subscribe to get the latest news and updates of Zapiens.

The other great novelty is the possibility of integrating the active directory of your organization with Zapiens. This means that knowing who can or can not access Zapiens, managing accounts and passwords or registering or deleting users can be checked easily and quickly at any time. If you think your organization can benefit from this advantage, please contact our Customer Service team at soporte@zapiens.org and they will tell you how to do it.

And like every month, we try to improve the code to avoid any failure. If everything works well inside, outside everything goes better.

And with this, everything is ready! See you next month with more news!