New update from Zapiens! These are the latest news from the app and the area administration (Back), we bring you:

News in the app

Zap won’t answer questions that you can get that day in your active training.

Our quirky friend Zap is going to be taking more care when answering questions, so now, if you ask something that happens to be one of the questions currently in an active training and that you potencially would have to answer that very same day, it will be hidden.

Zap is more exigent now.

Zap is also learning to say ‘I don’t know’ and asking you to create more concrete and specific questions. Now Zap will be far more selective when deciding which answer you need. If he doesn’t have the answer, he’ll try to find experts who does have the answer for you with in your organisation.

Improvements in the self-categorisation.

Zapiens auto-categorisation capability sees improvements when automatically identifying which categories created questions belong to.

News in the area administration (Back).

We have a new look!

We’re proud to be introducing some cool new aesthetic improvements to our administration area (Back)! We hope you’ll find this new design much clearer and easier to use! Let us know!

Decide when to send the welcome email.

Another helpful feature that we’ve included is for user imports via excel sheets. You’re now able to decide exactly when you wish users to receive the welcome email from Zapiens.

Improvements in the categories.

You’ll find improvements with our categories section in the Back too. Category trees can now be imported directly from an excel file. In addition to this, when you create a new category, you will be able to indicate whether it is similar to one of the predefined categories given as a suggestion. This is going to help Zap find the experts in that particular category more easily when sending them questions.