Do you want to participate in an innovation project of the European Union?

Use as a knowledge management tool in your company for 1 month and help us to improve it.

An EU-funded project.

What is H2020?

H2020 is a European programme that supports social and technological research and innovation projects.

And we are in!

This means that the EU has financed us to improve the usability and automation of our product. And for this, we need your collaboration.

That’s why we offer you to use free of charge for one month if:

Your company has more than 20 employees.
You’re looking for agile and effective training solutions.
You want to collaborate on an innovation project, supporting European R&D.

What companies have already joined?

What is

The tool to make the most of the knowledge and skills within your company

Zapiens is a cloud-based knowledge management tool.

We use Artificial Intelligence to connect people, facilitate new learning experiences and generate new knowledge in organizations.

This allows you to implement a culture of continuous training, save time and improve your business results.

his is what we want to test, that’ s why: we need your experience and your feedback.

Do you bring yourself to innovate?

Will you help us revolutionise learning in companies?

What’s the objective?

To test the usability and scalability of our tool.

What’s the challenge?

To evaluate the autonomy of your company when using

We need to confirm that our tool is useful and easy to use for companies like yours.

What tools do we put at your disposal?


The more users you register, the better.

That’s the measure of how well we’re doing!


Visit our training library and ask for the ones you like the most.


Access to the creator of micro-formations, to see how much of your own content you are able to generate.


Access to our knowledge network.

If you create content for other companies, you benefit from the content of others.

Do you have something to tell us?
We will be delighted to hear from you

Criticize us, please.

We want the most ruthless feedback you can give us, because it helps us create a revolutionary product.

What do we need from you?

To push our tool to the limit and tell us how to improve it.
That you assign a person (Knowledge Manager) responsible for the project, at least 4 hours a week.
That you let us create a user survey when the month is over, with personalised interviews to a focus group of 10 people.

What do we want to measure?

How does the assigned Knowledge Manager use our tool: where does he/she get stuck, how many questions does he/she ask us, what is his/her experience?
How the users use our App: how many trainings they finish, how many questions they ask, how many questions from other people they answer…
How far you can go: if you manage to extend the use of the tool to other departments, to other countries, use it with clients….

What do we offer you in return?

One free month of the Premium version of, for the number of users you need.
Public recognition of your participation, in the research report for the EU and in the video of results and acknowledgement of Zapiens H2020.
A blind benchmark report, so that you have a comparison of your digital adaptation speed, in comparison with other companies participating in the project.
Workshop on knowledge management in the Natural Park of Somiedo to get to know other companies that are committed to innovation. We invite cider and cachopo!
20% discount in if you want to continue using the tool when the H2020 programme ends.

Why Zapiens H2020?

H2020 is a project funded by the European Union, which audits us every year to make sure everything is working properly.

Therefore, we have two things for you: all our work at your disposal, and a request for help.

We need your collaboration to design the future of online learning and training in the business world.

With your participation you are supporting the innovation and development of technologies created in Europe, to increase the competitiveness of companies in the local and international market.

Your experience helps us to grow, at all levels. Thank you for sharing it!

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