Manage and share your tribe’s knowledge.

Make information within your organization accessible for all, ensuring its transfer is fast and effective between your team members.

Increase your sales, reduce your expenses and save time.


Everything in one single platform.

Easy to use and able to connect all the information and knowledge of your company.

Humans with humans and humans with data!


Micro-trainings in our App to teach your teams and improve their knowledge about new products and services.

5 times more engagement than LMS.

Tacit knowledge transfer 10 times faster.


Our AI based bot, Zap, carries out semantic searches in several different Databases in order to answer every question.

It’s able to say ‘I don’t know’, and when this happens, it is capable of predicting who, within your company members, will know the answer.

Dashboard & People Analytics

Turn knowledge within your organization into a tangible and actionable asset.

Find hidden experts in teams, measure the impact of your actions and build your company’s knowledge map to improve decision-making.


Microsoft Teams + Zapiens.

Now, your work teams in Microsoft Teams can ask Zap anything.

With this integration, you can be chatting with your workmates about any project whilst interacting with our smart bot in case you need a quick help with your doubts.

ZAPIENS has created a system that gathers all the information in a shared brain that can be used by any employee.

MIT Technology Review

The first time in my 20 year career that a training is 100% useful.

Victor Abad

Sales Manager at IKEA Group

Zapiens has enabled us to understand what our employees know and don’t know within the organization.

Rebeca Navarro

Head of Selection, Talent, Diversity & Learning at VODAFONE

We have connected our purpose and knowledge with the entire company in record time.

Wim Focquet

HR & CSR Director at DPD

An easy and funny way to share knowledge among students, professors and staff.

Susana Malcorra

Dean at IE School of Global & Public Affairs

Begin now!

The one and only solution that enables you to train your employees, transfer knowledge between people and discover hidden talent within your company.