How long does it take for a new person to be productive on your team? 

Improve and accelerate the incorporation of new members of your staff with our gamified and collaborative onboarding system 

How long does it take for each new member of your team to give the best of himself within your company? 

If your new employees feel lost, be prepare for demotivation, low productivity, and loss of talent on your company. 

Optimize your onboarding processes, reduce costs, and improve the productivity and the engagement of the new members of your squad. 

Speed up your onboarding processes 

Microlearning via app so that your new employees better learn and retain everything they need to know about your company, wherever they are. 

10 minutes of training a day through our app

hyper-brief question-and-answer trainings to train the new members of your team while taking as little time as possible from their work. 

Without interrupting their workday

trainings always available so they can be trained at the time of the day that works best for them. 

Accelerate the integration of your staff

ave the time that new members of your staff spend solving doubts and improve their productivity. 

Reduce the costs of your onboarding processes 

Train the new members of your team in less time and save unnecessary expenses:

Save on your training budget: without the need of teaching staff. Create all the trainings you need and reuse them as many times as you want. 

Train your new employees in less time:train them better and faster, dedicating fewer hours to their work activity. 

Improve the productivity of your staff: training improves the results of your work; accelerates the learning process so that they can apply as soon as possible the new knowledge.

Improve the engagement of the new members of your team 

Training is a factor increasingly valued by working people. Take care of your team from its incorporation, improve their commitment, and reduce staff turnover.  

More motivated and participatory teams: we use gamification for your staff to have fun while they learn and to create a culture of learning in your company.

Increase talent retention: beon the training of the new members of your team to increase the commitment on your organization.  

Measure the participation and progress of the new members of your staff: our dashboard allows you to measure the knowledge, the implication, and the commitment of your new employees.

Do you want to know how Würth has improve the onboarding of the new members of its staff? 

They tell you in this video: