Do you need to update the knowledge of your team members? 

Do it with agile and fun trainings that allow them to see their improvements everyday 

Your staff needs to be up to date to perform at its bestAnd with boring training you will not get it.  

We use gamified micro trainings that allows them to see their progress each day. This way they learn in a fun way and improve their engagement, their knowledge, and their productivity.

And everything online. Train your teams remotely and sabe unnecessary costs.

Save time in your reskilling and upskilling trainings 

Through microlearning, your staff is formed better and faster

10 minutes of training a day

hyper-brief trainings to update their knowledge in a fast and constant way. 

Train your staff remotely

100% online; your teams learn from any part of the world, when it suits them best and without interrupting their workday. 

Improve the quality of your trainings 

check in your metrics dashboard the progress of your teams and the training areas that you need to reinforce.

Save costs in the training of your staff 

Train your teams in less time and sabe unnecessary expenses:

Save in your training budget: use our trainings or create your own and reuse them as many times as you want. 

Train your staff in less time: train your teams faster, without subtracting hours from their work activity. 

Accelerate the productivity of your staff: the sooner they are formed the sooner they will apply what they have learned to their job.

Your staff, always up to date, and in a fun way 

Increase the productivity of your teams with continuous and nice training that encourage their participation: 

Your staff, up to date: create new trainings whenever you need it and keep your teams always up to date. 

Facilitate learning with hyper-brief trainings easy to assimilate and retain. 

More motivated and participatory teams we use gamification so that your staff can have fun while learning and create a culture of learning in your company.

How can you use to always keep your staff up to date?  

Some of our clients tell you about their experience with our application and how it has helped their workers in training.ams: