“Our only obsession is to build the best knowledge management tool in the world”.

Daniel Suárez, CEO of Zapiens.ai —

You may think that we are getting a bit higher, but here we are not to stay half on our work…we give everything in each project.

And we put all our energy in building this tool and being able to help you train your teams and make the internal knowledge of your company available to all your staff.

And why are these people crazy about this?

In order for you to understand it, we believe that it is important for you to know our journey and our tribe.

What we want you to understand is that for our company technology is only a means to help you.

What is really important and valuable about Zapiens.ai are the people who make that technology reach you to make your company grow.

The same ones that have made Zapiens.ai come true.

What has been our journey?

The seed of what we are now was planted in 2014, but a lot of things has happened during this time.



The idea!

While giving training to the sales teams of a retail company, Dani asked himself 2 questions:

Is it impossible to reach all the workers of a company with a single training?

What if, instead of reaching everyone, we get that just one person in the company knows it is enough?

Those 2 questions are what brought us here.



Blunder is born

This was our first name (in English, «mistake»).

We chose it because we wanted people to lose their fear of being wrong.

At that time, the product consisted only of question and answer trainings.



Regional funding

The Sociedad Regional de Promoción del Principado de Asturias (SRP) invest in our project.



Bye, Blunder; hello, Zapiens.ai!

The idea of helping people make mistakes fell short.

We wanted a more global and humanistic approach.

Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari, was a brutal inspiration for us, and this was our tribute.


We jump to the international market

Our work begins to be known and the first international awards arrive: Startup Europe Awards and South Summit.



Zap is born: AI reaches Zapiens.ai

One step beyond trainings.

Zap’s AI, our chatbot, brings us closer to a dream: connecting the knowledge of all people.


Google bets on us

We continue to sweep the world and Google selects Dani Suárez for its Blackbox program in San Francisco.



Horizon 2020 Program of the European Commission

The EC finance our project within its most competitive program (H2020). Our product is now ready for the international phase.



Integration with MS Teams

We close a collaboration agreement with Microsoft, we are integrated with MS Teams and we are promoted within its marketplace.



SaaS solution for SMEs

We automate our sales process to help SMEs knowledge management through SaaS.

What are our values?

In Zapiens. Ai, we have thing clear
(and, if not, we ask them).

These are the 4 keys that mark our day to day:

1. Curiosity

Without curiosity, learning is not possible. In Zapiens.ai, we love questions; this is why we use Zap every day to stimulate curiosity and solve the doubts of the entire company.

2. Collaboration

Zap’s source of knowledge Zap that is why we collaborate to answer questions from other team members and share our knowledge with the entire tribe. .

3. Commitment

Learning is achieved with constancy and we know it; we use the Zapiens.ai app every day to make learning a habit and gradually expand our knowledge. .

4. Knowledge

The fruit of fostering curiosity. The fruit of fostering curiosity. Asking questions and learning from the wisdom that other members of the tribe share with the entire team allows us to know and memorize new things every day.

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