The intelligent knowledge management software for companies.

Zapiens is the cloud tool that has everything you need to free up your company’s knowledge and make it accessible.

Transform your company's culture.

Develop a culture of excellence by efficiently training your employees.

Share the knowledge.

Connect your teams, increase knowledge retention and improve onboarding.

Increase your sales.

Improve the performance of your sales team with key training content.

Mobile Learning

Use the mobile micro-learning methodology to train your employees and help them do their jobs better.

Create training content related to sales techniques, product details, services, onboarding…

Encourage continuous learning within your company and store all information for future reuse.

Trainings based on questions and answers.
Gamification to improve participation and engagement.
Real-time push notifications and information pills.

Knowledge Connector

Ease access to your company’s knowledge and information by solving any doubt.

Zap, our virtual assistant, answers questions and finds experts to help when needed.

Users do not need to know where the answer is.
Experts are not interrupted with recurring questions.
Training contents are recorded.
The system learns as it helps people.

Dashboards & People Analytics

Analytics and dashboards turn knowledge into a tangible and manageable asset within your organization.

Create your company’s knowledge map and use it to improve decision making.

Find and identify hidden experts in your organization.
Control the knowledge flow between teams and individuals.
Use the data provided to analyze and improve your global strategy.

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