The knowledge management software for companies is the online tool you need to train your employees remotely and share with them the internal knowledge of your organization.

Train your teams remotely

Only 10 minutes of learning a day, 100% online and from anywhere in the world.

Share internal knowledge

All the information in one place, always available when your team needs it.

Measure your company's learning

Metrics to understand the learning evolution in your company and improve your training.

Do you need to train your teams remotely?

The training your company needs, the way your team wants it.

Boring training doesn’t work.

We use microlearning based on question-answer to help your team assimilate the information better (and without the risk of falling asleep).

Plus, it’s online and in a gamified format, so they learn in a fun way and almost without realizing it.

What do your teams need to know to improve their work? Sales techniques, internal processes, joining the company… create your own micro-training and give them all the knowledge they need.

Oh! And make sure they have all that information accessible, so that with a single click they can consult it whenever they want.

Do you know how to solve your staff’s doubts?

How many questions remain unanswered in your company’s day-to-day business?

And it’s often for the same reason: where to look for the answer?

In many cases, the information will not be in any document, but in a person in your team.

Zap, our chatbot, answers any question in a jiffy. And if it can’t find the answer in its database, it knows who to ask within your company.

Once the expert answers Zap, the information is stored in its database, where it will remain available forever.

So the next time someone asks the same thing, Zap will know the answer and will be able to help directly.

Is your training strategy working?

Do you have learning data in your company to know if your training is working? How can you improve it?

The learning analytics and dashboard tell you if you are on the right track.

So you’ll know exactly if trainings have been completed, which people have reached the end, the most failed questions, the most successful ones… in short, you’ll know everything.

And you can use this knowledge to make the necessary changes to get the most out of your team’s training.

Create your company’s knowledge map and use it to improve your learning strategy.

Discover Zapiens!

Access our tool for free and up to 20 users or request a customized DEMO, tailored to your company’s training needs.