Do you want to improve the results of your sales team? 

Get a sales team expert in your products and in how they solve your customers’ problems 

How much information do your sales representatives need to do their job well? 

New products, sales techniques, internal procedures, … An updated sales team is vital for the success of your company.  

 But the typical face-to-face training is boring, it takes your salespeople away from the point of sale and reduces their productivity. 

 Save unnecessary costs and improve your company’s sales: train your sales representatives remotely, in a fun, better way and in less time.  

Save time with better training for your sales teams

The traditional class is boring and not effective. We use microlearning and gamification to train your sales team in less time, in a fun way and with better results: 

Always up-to-date knowledge with 10 minutes of training a day

hyper-brief and easy to assimilate trainings so as not to alter your routine and learn almost without realizing it. 

Without wasting time in traveling:

100% online; your sales representatives are formed wherever they are, at the time that suits them best and without interrupting their workday.

Increase the engagement and improve knowledge

retention with gamified trainings so that your teams have fun learning and create a culture of learning in your company.

Save unnecessary expenses in your trainings

Always up-to-date sales representatives, at the minimum costuse our training or create your own whenever you need it:  

Save money on teaching staff: reuse trainings as many times as you want, without the need of hiring teaching staff for each training. 

Reduce learning time: train your sales representatives in less time, without subtracting hours from their workday.

Accelerate the productivity of your staff: the sooner they are formed, the sooner they will apply what they have learned to increase your sales.  

Solve the doubts of your sales representatives and improve their sales 

To sell your products, your sales teams need to know everything about your products, about your company and about your internal procedures, and an unresolved question can make you lose a sale.

Solve the doubts of your sales teams at any time: Zap, our resolve-doubts bout, answer all your sales representatives’ questions and is always available in our mobile app to help when needed, wherever they are. 

Yes, what we have told you is very nice, but will it work for your company?


Of course!