Follow these steps and start training with the Zapiens app

Goodbye, boring training; hello, gamified training!

Download our mobile app for employees and learn everything you need to improve in your job.

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You can also use Zapiens from your computer with the web version.

1. Invitation email from your company

Your organization has sent you an email so that you can access Zapiens as a user.

Here you must establish your credentials.

2. Download the Zapiens app

Click on the download button for Android or iPhone and use the Zapiens app from your phone, wherever you are.

3. Log in

Access your account from the app with the credentials you have established in the first step.

4. Let’s train!

When you log in, Zap, our chatbot, will be waiting to welcome you!

You’re all set to start learning.

Download our app!

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If you prefer, you can also use Zapiens from your computer with our web version.

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