A reminder from me to myself.

Accept yourself and accept this: you know NOTHING.

It is your vulnerability and your greatest weapon: you have EVERYTHING left to learn and it will be an incredible journey; seize the opportunity.

Be selfish and learn FOR YOU. Put yourself first and learn, then share it.

Remember that you made a promise to pass on everything you learn in training sessions to someone else, but you have to be prepared first.

Watch, listen, analyze…

Soak up the atmosphere, because you are very lucky to have a great team of professionals and two five-star coaches willing to teach you.

You have a great opportunity, but you must put effort into it in order to achieve your objectives.

Set your goals and battle for them, look for quality and not quantity. Stop running around, that slows you down, you lose energy and prevents you from going forward.

Choose the waves you want to paddle.

You are learning, that’s right, but that does not remove responsibility or make you less important.

You are responsible for all your work, even if you are not 100% autonomous.

You will be, just not yet…

Make proposals, criticisms, improvements…

And accept those ones you receive.

Ask for help whenever you need it.

And ask, ask a lot. No fear allowed.

You’re learning, but this is real life.

You’re going to fuck it up a thousand times.

So every time you fail: accept it, find a way to fix it, learn and share it.

Allow yourself to feel all the emotions that these situations generate (frustration, anger, disappointment…) but don’t just stand there and do nothing, transform that energy into action.

Learn and act.

And finally, enjoy the learning process, don’t be in a hurry.

It will be difficult, but remember that you are doing it for yourself, so it will be worth it.

When you think you can’t take it anymore, look for your motivation, like those cookies that make Po jump 10 meters above the ground.

You have a tribe with whom you share a mission and values.

You have a coach who you trust 100%.

You have ambition, energy, and attitude.

So let others train you.

Let others teach you.

Thanks for reading me. ✨


Note: This post comes from an intensive training with Dani, CEO and coach.
If you want to know a little more, make some popcorn and click on play. (The video is in Spanish, please turn on English subtitles.)