History says that we are social animals, used to living in communities. Our necessity of creating relationships is what makes us move in groups. Regardless of whether these are social, business or sporting, they always have the same purpose: to bring together a number of people with a common goal. The feeling of belonging to a group is something basic that gives us security and helps us develop personally. Sharing with others and being able to integrate into a group that develops an emotional bond, makes us improve our psychological state.

Let’s translate this into two examples: sports organizations and companies. If we talk about a sports organization, we know that if we want to grow we will have to get more followers or fans (besides getting good results), and for this we will have to go out of our action core and find people who have no relation with sport in order to keep growing. At this point it becomes necessary to offer them something beyond sport, something that has a direct social impact, values that, for example, help children create their future identity. The role of this type of organization is more important than one might think because it does not understand borders and it is not limited to what happens in the game. Whoever is able to add value to people by offering them the opportunity to grow and develop, will be successful, as they will manage to have more than just fans, they will have people who feel identified with the project.

Now let’s look at the other example, companies, organizations that have economic activity as their main objective. In the past, employees in companies were just one more piece in the work chain, little more than a number with a specific task. This has been changing, and over time more value is being placed on what really matters within these organizations: people. Giving our employees the opportunity to express themselves and creating more attractive working environments are two factors that will help them develop a sense of belonging to the company, to feel not as employees but as members. Our capital is people and if we want to grow we need to take care of them, because they will be precisely the ones who will make this growth possible.

What we project to the outside is a faithful reflection of what is happening inside, and it all starts with small connections that create small groups that, over time, create solid communities.

Teamwork, communication and good results usually go hand in hand.