In the last few months, I’ve been assigned the role of «recruiter».

You know: you detect needs, you write a detailed offer, you filter CVs, you prepare a screening test, you interview people (some may be bragging…, others are simply wow!), you don’t fit the budget, you negotiate and finally, maybe, you have the feeling of having made the right decision.

Well, at Zapiens, since September, we have done this for 4 important positions: marketing, product, support and engineering; reading CVs, linkedIns (read with humor), github accounts or portfolios of more than 300 people.

I couldn’t be happier.

Kike, Vane, Matt and Abel have all the qualities anyone could expect, at the end of the day they are like a good Tesla driven by SpongeBob and pushed by Bruce Lee.

Let me explain:

  • Like the Tesla, they have great autonomy and preparation, you can set a goal for them to meet and they’ll fight to find the right way to get there.
  • Like Bruce Lee, they have perseverance, character and focus, they do not give up easily, since nothing comes out at first, they will keep on iterating until they accomplish objectives successfully, “like water my friend“.
  • Most importantly, like SpongeBob, they are very good people and put passion and love into everything they do. Without this there is no Tesla or Bruce Lee.

In general, we have always looked for people like this, without big investment rounds and with stubbornness as a hallmark.

Every new team member has to have this mix in mind for the tribe to work.

In the future, every time Zapiens looks for somebody new to join the team, you’ll know what matters to us.

It won’t be the last framework, your MBA, your network…, it will be you and your ability to jump, learn, unlearn, argue, propose and boost the team.